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Safecap Investments has threatened to “pursue action” against the FPA if two forums threads about Markets. The FPA does xmarket forex peace hide member complaints or negotiate while under legal threat.

Markets offers the Markets trading currency platforms. ETFS, commodities and cfds for your personal investment and trading options. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. Do not trade there unless you hate money. Something goes very wrong there, cant provide more detail but it is by far the worst broker experience i ever had and i trade quite a few cfd brokers by now. Jun 28, 2017 Р1 Star do not trade there, just dont. The platform is a joke and the spreads a ripoff, so high you can trade with your housebank and pay the 5 bucks per trade.

Very bad experience,i traded with no deposit bonus. I give it 0 stars, they are scammers, in all rules, watch out for this brokers is the worst, I was cheated and I have evidence, I blocked the platform so that you can not close winning operations, I was called to invest the reverse and in the end they stole all the money left on the platform, beware these scammers are very dangerous. Le doy 0 estrellas, son unos estafadores, en toda reglas, cuidado con este brokers es do lo peor, a mi estafaron y tengo pruebas, me bloquearon la plataforma para que no puedas cerrar operaciones ganadoras, me llamaban para que invierta a la inversa y al final se robaron todo el dinero que quedó en la plataforma, cuidado con estas estafadores son muy peligrosos. I deposited 100 USD made a profit of 20 USD, and now they are asking me that they have charged 120 USD for system fee. Now my account balance is zero. Please check the screenshot for it.

If you want to learn how to scam then must join them . Equity should increse,, but for me it was totally opposite . First they make trust then break it. Once my clients were verified and received bonuses for their documents they were pressed with more and more documents and three days deadlines.

Once my clients began to send them notarized documents which they exist from them they decided to close customer accounts and keep all the profits of my clients. I WAS INVESTING THOUSANDS AND THEY WILL DAMAGE YOUR LIFE IF YOU TRUST THEM! 100 on 9th may and started my trading. 250 in my account on 17th May. And I contact to the markets. I opened an account at markets. I am an Norwegian citizen and markets.

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