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A gamer on a budget needs a CPU that’s fast and reliable, while still easy on the wallet. For this matchup, we’re comparing two desktop processors that fit the bill: the Intel Core i3 3220 versus the AMD A6 5400K. Which socket bitcoin price will heed the call of duty?

Starting with the first CPU, the 3220 is a 3. It packs an HD 2500 GPU, and consumes a modest 55W TDP. A great feature is that it’s hyperthreaded, which maximizes usage of each processor core. In contrast is the 5400K: clocked faster at 3. 6 GHz, but at the expense of a lower cache of only 0.

GPU: it packs a Radeon HD 7540D which is much better than ordinary integrated graphics. It’s capable of playing casual games, or even as an HTPC. In defense of the 5400K however, keep in mind that it’s less than half the price of the 3220. In conclusion, only consider the AMD A6 5400K if you’re an extremely strapped gamer. But if you’re looking for a sound investment with future expandability, we recommend the Intel Core i3 3220.

How efficiently does the processor use electricity? Are you paying a premium for performance? Cast your vote Do you agree or disagree with CPUBoss? Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news! A6 5400K with FM2 socket mobo with a good 8 gb of ram. A6 has a good performing inbuilt gpu.

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