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Our History Today’s Transocean is the modern descendant of the world’s most innovative and successful deepwater drilling companies, and the pioneering people who made them great. A Legacy of Bold Leadership For generations Transocean and its legacy companies have led the offshore drilling industry with the most innovative and sophisticated technology, and sedco forex international inc australia people that put it to record-setting use. Transocean traces its roots to onshore drilling operations, where T. Refining Company of Fort Worth, Texas in 1926.

Stoneman bought the company’s first drilling rig, paying for it with a personal check and putting it on his expense report. He would later play key leadership roles in pioneering offshore drilling with The Offshore Company. While the first tentative steps to developing the marine drilling industry were being taken in the 1930s, drilling engineers were advancing onshore drilling methods and equipment. Stoneman, shown in the photo above, continued his successful land career in the United States, Raymond Godet, an engineer who would later be a leader in another legacy company, Forex, was busy in France.

Godet bought a German drilling rig in Paris and hooked it up to a boiler from a steam engine, enabling the rig to drill land wells at Saint Marcet. Several legacy Transocean entities emerged in the 1940s when the following companies were formed. 600,000 to buy the business from Union Oil. Santa Fe began drilling wells onshore in California in 1947. In less than two years, the loan was paid in full. This consortium of Continental Oil Company, Union Oil Company of California, Superior Oil Company and Shell Oil Company established the feasibility of drilling offshore. The CUSS group later evolved into Global Marine.

Led by Bill Clements, who would one day become a two-term Texas governor, Sedco began operations with two diesel-powered land rigs. An important decade of innovation including the introduction of the world’s first mobile jackup drilling rig and the first drillship ushered in new operations. Southern National Gas, purchased Danciger and later began work to form The Offshore Company. 1954 – The Offshore Company launched Rig 51.

A new pneumatic jacking system raised the unit’s legs at one drilling location so that the rig could be moved to the next where the legs were lowered to the seafloor. At that point, the rig’s deck was elevated above the sea surface. 1955 – Sedco began operations with two, shallow-water semisubmersible barges in South Texas and built Rig 21, the first “post-type” swamp barge. This rig pioneered early versions of deepwater drilling methods and technology used by today‚Äôs offshore drilling fleet. Santa Fe entered the offshore drilling business with a contract in Trinidad using a land rig adapted to a jackup barge and provided crews for a drillship offshore California.

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