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An excellent example is Avon, one of today’s most popular cosmetics companies, which began as a single door-to-door book salesman named David H. His business took off, but like many, it required more working capital to get further off the ground. It likely wouldn’t exist, at least not in such an impressive state. Investment is how a society collectively chooses which ideas are most worthy. It’s what turns a garage-based startup into a tech powerhouse listed on the NYSE, and this notion creates enormous amounts of wealth for those who can participate. With the prevalence of the internet and the dot-com era, launching a new IT company has become easier than ever, but unfortunately, the internet’s convenience doesn’t extend into the investment sphere. One can work extensively to try and break into angel investment rounds, but the amount of paperwork and effort required are a significant investment themselves.

Retail investors want to help startups by putting forth their own money, and rightfully so, given the potential rewards. However, the opportunities to do so are held at arm’s length, tantalizingly out of reach. It’s not that startups wouldn’t appreciate more variety in where funding comes from, especially if they can skirt the draconic equity requirements common to any VC firm, but the gatekeepers of this status quo keep it shut for selfish reasons. The digital ledger is the only tool robust enough to organize such an effort and put it to efficient use. ICO investors have few options when it comes to monitoring the progress of the projects they’ve invested in, and vetting ICOs for quality is a game of guesswork more than anything.

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