Rcfx forex broker

RTFX Limited was established in March 2009 when Realtime Forex SA decided to split its activities in two entities following changes in Switzerland’s banking regulations. Cie a Swiss based company established rcfx forex broker Switzerland since 1995 and as Switzerland’s first online market maker for foreign exchange. Located in Geneva, Switzerland, Broker Real Time Forex has provided 24-hour online trading facilities to investors with foreign exchange trading experience during nine years. Today, RTFX Ltd is a financial company operating under European regulations.

It was separated from the technology development entity, which stayed in Geneva and is currently operating under the name Realtime Financial Technologies SA. RTFX Mobile, RTFX Ltd is able to provide its clients with consistent liquidity and tight, aggressive trading spreads for all trading volumes under any market conditions for Forex and CFDs on both demo account and real account. Because of its Swiss roots, RTFX Ltd caters to English, French, German and Italian speaking markets, one of the few companies to have such an international operation. To date, tens of thousands of traders in Broker Realtime Forex have tested RTFX Ltd’s trading softwares and clients from over 120 countries use the system every day to trade foreign exchange and CFDs. Residence, Regulation, and Company Management Structure:┬áRealtime Forex SA was established in January 2000 in Switzerland.