Order flow chart forex software

Product Algovisor is a highly order flow chart forex software way to analyze exchange data on the “quantum” level. Algovisor visualizations will allow you to see the full information from the exchange and create trading strategies based on the order flow. Algovisor is an innovative way to visualize the order flow on the event level. It boasts highly accurate market data and professional instruments.

It scans algorithmic signatures and allows to manually detect algorithms. It is the best ever visualization for any scalper. Synchronized flow of limit orders and trades. All events are shown as received from the exchange core.

Simultaneous connection to various data feed providers. Exclusive algorithms of “equalizing” the order flow coming from the low quality feed. Ample opportunities for raw historical and restored event-by-event data analysis. Algovisor functionality makes a new standard of data processing transparency, which results in unprecedented market view.

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