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A presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, Prof. What informed your decision to go for the position of the President? I have long short ratio forex peace believed that power to the women and power to the youth are the only solutions to guarantee the future of this generation and to secure the posterity of our unborn children.

I believe that when a woman is in power, the youth and children are better empowered and catered for, so also is the entire society. Do you have the financial strength to prosecute your campaign considering the fact that presidential campaigns are capital intensive? I intend to demonstrate how to contest an election without the usual bribery and corruption involved. It will definitely not be business as usual type of moneybag and money politics campaign style.

We have started the campaigns and it shall be successfully completed. How do you intend to tackle insecurity, which has brought some parts of the country to their knees? Insurgency in Nigeria will be tackled when the government has the willpower. Tackling insecurity is by decision making. My government will address it with relevant policies and programmes. How will you fight poverty if you become the President in 2019? Industrialisation of Nigeria, growth of indigenous enterprises, development of other sectors, diversification of the economy, appointing and allowing technocrats to do what they know how to do best as regards the mono-economy, and many other significant methods would be appropriated as a way forward.

Nepotism, tribalism, greed and corruption have led Nigeria into her current situation. In which area do you think the current President of Nigeria has failed Nigerians? Lopsided appointments, no appointments of Minister of Petroleum, in a mono-oil economy, no economist co-ordinating the economy and technocrats are not involved. Again, expatriates were scared away in the name of fighting corruption, one sided-fighting of the so-called corruption, growing nepotism with Fulani herdsmen, increased insecurity, Nigeria has never been so polarised in history. What can you say is the major problem of this country and how can it be addressed? The problems of Nigeria are crime, criminalities and corruption.

They can be addressed by electing a seasoned detective at the helms to squarely take care of them. As a trained detective in the US, I have a solution to the crime problems. As it is, I strongly believe that based on my training, I am the only person that can fight it better than any other person aspiring to the same position throughout the country. Do you have the relevant political experience to lead the country?

In 2010, I was in the US when I got an invitation from late Chief  Anthony Enahoro to come back home and contest  the Presidency on his party’s platform, the National  Reformation Party. However, I returned and I was interviewed on December 6, 2010. Ever since then, I have been stranded in the country. What have you been doing since then? Since then, I have been into series of investigation about Nigeria’s crime problems and solutions to them. I am vying because other contenders do not have what I have.

This is the first time in the history of Nigeria that a seasoned detective from a civilised country is contesting. Do you have the financial muscle to take care of it? I vividly know that a very huge sum of money will be involved in the project. However, the people know that I am the best aspirant. I also have foreign financial connections to take care of it. What is your political party platform?

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