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It refers to the working classes, specifically from the south of America, often portrayed in other mediums as eccentric, out of touch with the modern world, and usually farmers. It’s a potentially offensive turn of phrase. But Casino Land of bitcoin scripts Scripts has attempted, in some respects, to turn that negativity on its head, and have some playful fun with the term, presenting to players Redneck Dynasty. Located on an imaginary farm in the middle of nowhere, you will traverse the 5 reels and 9 win lines to find the Pick Me Bonus, expanding wilds on bikes, and mud splattered pigs playing out in the mud.

Its aesthetics are very distinctive to the game, and make for a charming if not stunning set of images for users to engage with. Small Time Farmer The setup inside the barn is a clever and fun way of getting the game started, with the wandering goats and chomping cows making for a quirky location. As previously touched upon, there are 5 reels, each of which are decorated with a collection of individualized symbols. What this means, aside from looking more attractive, is that the game feels more well-rounded and better designed than those that rely too heavily on card values. Every aspect of the gaming screen has been made to fit in with the novelty theme, with the spin button taking the form a spray can, and other controls becoming discarded tyres.

A lot of time and effort has gone into making the theme as immersive as possible. Tending to the Land In total, there are 12 symbols to obtain during your time with Redneck Dynasty, three of which have unique properties to improve your rewards and spice up the action. These are the wild, scatter and bonus tiles. Despite the fact that the wild can expand to cover a whole reel, nothing is mentioned in the instructions section of the game, which seems rather odd. Nonetheless, this icon will remove symbols, except for the scatter, to create winning combinations, or at the very least attempt to do so.

Speaking of the scatter, this mucky pig will always have a multiplier of x2, and can win you between two and five games, with the five coming from five matches of the symbol. Redneck Dynasty makes no qualms about the simplicity of its bonus round, offering users the chance to pick their own rewards. It’s a nice if not exciting detour from the main body of the game, but it feels little stale, as if more could have been done to jazz this part of the activity up, but then it was never done. Basically, depending on how many tiles you find, you’ll have to pick from the glowing symbols on the grid. Once that’s done, the amount of each will be revealed, allowing you to see how well or badly you’ve done.

Still, a bonus round is a bonus, and with this one you can get some juicy rewards. 1,000 per win line, which is excessive but hugely diverse. As has been mentioned in regards to other Casino Web Scripts titles, the Fast Play isn’t as speedy as we’d have liked. If you enjoy minimal pay-ins, okay-ish features, and charming and funny themes, then this game and its dynasty will be right up your street.

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