Ifundtraders forex manual download

Upon full completion of our training program, each trader is offered the option to become a member of and trade ifundtraders forex manual download account of our preferred trading firm. You are not being hired in the traditional sense with benefits and a salary.

If you complete our 7-day education package, you will be offered an opportunity to trade for our preferred trading firm as professional trader. You will be allocated a live funded account to trade on that firm’s behalf and have the opportunity to earn a living from trading the markets. You will be compensated based on your performance as a professional trader with the firm. Your only duty will be to trade. Over the course of a few months, the trader will ultimately settle on a style that best suits their profile and personality.

Styles of trading can never be generic. They must match the trader’s psychological make-up. 5,000 risk capital or any other amount once I’m ready for trading? A risk deposit is not necessary for those who graduate from our training program and decide to become professionals.

Our graduates begin their professional trading careers trading firm capital. They do not risk their own money. In fact, the firm does not profit unless you profit. In a very real sense, the firm becomes partners only in your success as a trader. If you lose and call it quits, all the losses are the firms. It’s only when you begin to make money that the firm benefits. Compensation is based on each individual trader’s net profit and loss.

We provide a carefully structured Trader Advancement Program that will increase the capital that you can trade as you demonstrate consistent profitability. There is no cap on the levels that can be achieved, so your potential revenue is virtually unlimited. Years ago, the answer to this question would have been a resounding “no. Today, due to incredible technological advancements in the professional trading field, we can monitor, assist, and teach a trader remotely, just as effectively as one on-site. Many traders do better from the comfort and solitude of their own homes. How do I get started as a student and trader?

This is seven full days of intense training. This is the phase in which each trader is given a simulated trading account, complete with real, live market data with which to perfect the trading tactics and sophisticated strategies taught in the Master Trader Program. Upon successfully advancing to level 4 of our Trader Advancement Table, the trader is then eligible to become a true professional trader with a funded account at our preferred trading firm. When can I withdraw a part or all of my profits once I go pro in Phase III? Monthly trading profit checks are dispersed each month following the one in which they were generated. As an example, profits earned during the month of January would be paid no later than the 20th of February.

Can I request additional buying power as a professional trader in Phase III? However, this increase will always be granted based on your trading performance. In our structured program, the professional trader in Phase III earns greater and greater exposure to more capital. As most traders know, the bigger the buying power, the bigger the potential profits.

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