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Nexxus University Review: A certified cryptocurrency course? Forex trading times worldwide university University was born out of the ashes of GCR Marketing. Launched originally as Global Coin Reserve back in 2014, the initial business model was an out-and-out matrix-based pyramid scheme.

Global Currency Reserve was launched a year or so later. 95 a month and get paid when they recruited others who did the same. GCR Coin, a cryptocurrency that never went anywhere. GCR affiliates were supposedly mining the coin through GCR, but when the time came to launch the coin in August it pretty much just collapsed. By January 2016 the writing was on the wall, and Wood pulled the plug on GCR Marketing and abandoned GCR Coin. Nexxus University was announced as a stand-alone MLM opportunity shortly thereafter.

It was later revealed that the GCR Coin had been hacked by the developer, with the FBI purportedly investigating the matter. Wood also revealed the SEC had launched their own investigation, following a number of complaints filed with the regulator. To date nothing has come of either the FBI or SEC’s investigation into GCR Marketing. Read on for a full review of the Nexxus University MLM opportunity. The Nexxus University Product Line Nexxus University has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Nexxus University affiliate membership itself.

No information about who authored any of the offered courses is provided on the Nexxus University website. Pass your final cryptocurrency certification exam and earn the respect and recognition as a Certified Cryptocurrency Specialist with a professional Certification certificate. The Nexxus University Compensation Plan The Nexxus University compensation plan pays affiliates direct and residual recruitment commissions. Nexxus University Affiliate Ranks There are nine affiliate ranks in the Nexxus University compensation plan. This PV is generated as long as recruited affiliates continue to pay their monthly Nexxus University affiliate membership fees. The expandable part of the matrix is implemented via three specific mechanics. The second mechanic creates a new matrix leg when an affiliate fills up to the third level on their matrix.

4 and so on and so forth. Basically each level on the matrix has a bunch of positions added to it, requiring additional recruitment to fill up the third level again. Positions in the matrix are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of new affiliates. Infinity Bonus The Infinity Bonus is a generational bonus that pays Nexxus University affiliates beyond the twelve offered matrix levels. A generation in Nexxus University is defined when a Platinum or higher ranked affiliate is found in any matrix leg. A second Platinum or higher ranked affiliate caps off the second generation.

One more Platinum or higher ranked affiliate found deeper in the leg caps off the third. Note if a second or third Platinum or higher ranked affiliate is not found in a leg, the Infinity Bonus pays out the entire depth of the level. The primary difference between these membership levels is access to bundled education courses and income potential through the Nexxus University compensation plan. Conclusion As far as I can tell, the only way to get access to Nexxus University’s courses is by signing up as an affiliate. There’s no mention of retail sales or orders on the Nexxus University website. All you can do is login as an affiliate or sign up as an affiliate. This means there’s no retail offering, with all commissions paid by Nexxus University tied to affiliate recruitment.

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