Forex trading platform scams and ripoffs

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Want to get rich, but don’t have the time or energy to start a business? Or get a job at one? In the era of the internet, any old dumbass can log on and make piles of cash with no effort or skill! That or all of the following programs are complete bullshit.

Don Lapre is that annoying hobbit-looking dude you might have seen a few years back trying to tell people they could get rich by placing classified ads, even if they didn’t involve sexual services. Lapre claims the vitamins can help with diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. 35 you get a chance to make millions because Lapre will sell you one of his websites so you, too, can sell the vitamins. This seems a lot less efficient than just having one website and selling the pills himself but, like others on this list, Lapre obviously has no more room in his house to store cash so now he wants to help you. This is all explained in this video.

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