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What is ‘Ticker Tape’ A ticker tape is a device that shows stock symbols and numbers to convey information about trades. Watching the ticker tape, especially one that is color coded, can help investors gauge overall market sentiment at any moment. Ticker-tape data also helps technical analysts evaluate stock behavior using charts. Before information could be transmitted electronically, brokers whose offices were closer to the stock exchange had an advantage because they received the latest trading data sooner than brokers located further away. History of Ticker Tapes The first telegraphic ticker tape was created by Edward Calahan in 1867, and Thomas Edison improved upon Calahan’s invention and patented it in 1871.

Mechanical ticker tapes gave way to electronic ones in the 1960s. Ticker-tape machines introduced in 1930 and 1964 were twice as fast as their predecessors, but they still had about a 15-to-20 minute delay between the time of a transaction and the time it was recorded. It wasn’t until 1996 that a real-time electronic ticker was launched. TV news shows, financial wires and websites. Find out how to read them.

Use this comprehensive checklist to get up to speed, ahead of the opening bell. Here’s everything to know about how they operate and what they do. Why Do Mutual Fund Tickers Have an ‘X’ at the End? Mutual fund tickers end with an ‘X’ to distinguish them from other types of securities. What do all of the letters in a stock option ticker symbol mean?

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