Forex junkie myfxbook drawdown

One main feature of the EA is forex junkie myfxbook drawdown the trading parameters are automatically updated on a fortnightly basis after conducting a walk forward analysis to adjust the EA to current market conditions. Take profit and stop loss limits are dynamically calculated based on the volatility.

The average stop loss is at 35 pips with a maximum of 200 pips. Open positions are usually closed before the stop loss limit is reached if the trend weakens or a reversal is detected. Based on the backtests the risk-reward-ratio is about 1:1. RayBOT offers money management, but can also be traded with fixed lots. However, it is possible to disable automated updates to manually set the trading parameters.

01, a starting balance of EUR 1. 000 iterations, shows the following results regarding expected profits, expected drawdowns and the derived value at risk. Return policy The developers grant an unrestricted right to return within 30 days of purchase which will be paid back through Avangate. Licence The licence is valid for two live and two demo accounts and includes support and updates for one year. Account numbers have to be registered with support to activate trading.

Manual A brief online manual is available after purchase, explaining the installation and set up of RayBOT as well as the input parameters. Live account as well as on a live account of the developers. Backtesting Ray Scalper backtests for the period 2009 – 2015 are shown below. Please note that the fortnightly adjustment of the trading parameters to the current market conditions are a vital part of the trading strategy and therefore, backtests for past periods are less significant. USD, spread: 2 pips, lots: 0. CAD, spread: 2 pips, lots: 0. The leverage created by trading on margin can work against you as well as for you, and losses can exceed your initial investment.

Only invest with money you can afford to lose and ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. R Interface to Myfxbook Posted by Andrew B. Myfxbook provides an interface to your FOREX trading accounts as well as an active trading community. R Interface to the API There is an API which facilitates direct programmatic access to your Myfxbook account. You access the API via HTTP GET requests and it returns the results either as XML or JSON. I have taken advantage of R’s web technologies to build an interface with Myfxbook.

The first thing we need to do is connect to Myfxbook. To do this we create an instance of the reference class. The class constructor takes an email address and password as arguments. The API returns a session identifier which is then retained as a data member in the class. For security reasons the email address and password are not retained. We can get the details for the accounts which we have linked to the system. I have just hooked up a single demo account for the purposes of this article.

And we can also see the status of other accounts which we are watching. There is an interface to the community outlook data, which gives an indication of the number and volume of trades as a function of currency pair. To get a feeling for the relative proportion of long and short trades across all currencies we can put together an informative plot. The outlook data can also be broken down by country for a single currency pair.

As before, making sense of this is aided by a visualisation. Below is a plot showing the number of long and short positions on EURUSD for a range of countries. We can see that overall the most trades have originated in Spain and Russia and that the majority of these positions are shorts. We can also get a list of our open trades and pending orders. Daily changes in the account balance can also be retrieved.

And full details of all transactions can be obtained as a history. Conclusion I am quite happy with this functionality and I will be using it in one of my current projects. If there is sufficient interest, I will package it up and stick it on CRAN. Expert Advisor that uses a more mid-term oriented trend following and retracement strategy.

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