Dual binary interest rate option strategies

See the Quick Start documentation for instructions on how to obtain and set up the tools if you haven’t already. 2GB of JVM, so we recommend using the JVM argument -Xmx2g. It must always be dual binary interest rate option strategies first argument after the jar file path.

The tools and their respective options are described in detail below. Options frequently have a value that is set be default but can be modified by specifying a different value in the command line. INPUT is the OPTION and input. NONE specifies the argument STRANDSPECIFICITY for which the documentation enumerates acceptable values: NONE, FIRST_READ_TRANSCRIPTION_STRAND, and SECOND_READ_TRANSCRIPTION_STRAND. Note that values for arguments that specify files must include appropriate file paths, either absolute or relative to the working directory.

In this example we are reading in input data from a subdirectory called my_data and writing outputs to another subdirectory called results. Displays options specific to this tool. Displays options specific to this tool AND options common to all Picard command line tools. This option may be specified 0 or more times. This option can be set to ‘null’ to clear the default value. Whether to suppress job-summary info on System.