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0 3 с 9 с 80Myvu: Currency divisas da gcm forex Forex – wujo. Naja: China ETF A50 2822 – efuxi. Bedy: Biseau ascendant Forex news – isyh.

60 з1 д ж59 3Jydym: Fx 62 ema Forex – dyli. The day has come, which you all were waiting for! Periodically Westernpips Group creates revolutionary new products that change the approach to the high frequency arbitrage trading. We present our new revolutionary product – the world’s first platform for high-frequency trading Westernpips Trader! We made a thoughtful, user-friendly interface.

Those who use Trade Monitor 3. 7 will quickly learn a new platform. To access the program, you will need to enter your username. Feed Manager”, “My Broker”, and “Go Trade”. Let’s show you the basic functionality in more detail with a few simple steps to start trading.

You need to have an account. In the initial version are available Rithmic, LMAX API, LMAX FIX. We plan to expand this list as soon as possible. Let’s connect to the LMAX API and RITHMIC with already open accounts. As you can see, everything is quite simple! If the connection is successful, you will see a green connection signal. The list of brokers will be constantly expanded.

You can request the addition of any broker to our structure, it takes no more than three days. At the request of the client, the added broker may be private and available only to him. Here your can set prising and trading session settings configuration. Also have other more detals config file where you can manualy set up any fix tags. A tab is created where you must enter the information required for connection. If everything is correct, click the “To Trade” button.

In case of successful connection, a trader window will be created. GO TRADE” – the main window of the program where high frequency trade is carried out, parameters of trading strategies are adjusted. You can see any connection problems or any other details in real time in the console window. Also in the program there is an information panel, where information on the latest transactions will be displayed. We described briefly the main functions. This is the initial version of the program, which will be improved every day, updated and expanded the list of its capabilities. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF HIGH FREQUENCY TRADING WITH WESTERNPIPS GROUP!

LIFE IS ALWAYS ON THE MOVING! Protocol has revolutionised the trading environment, proving fundamental in facilitating many of the electronic trading trends that have emerged over the past decade. FIX has become the language of the global financial markets used extensively by buy and sell-side firms, trading platforms and even regulators to communicate trade information. This non-proprietary, free and open standard is constantly being developed to support evolving business and regulatory needs, and is used by thousands of firms every day to complete millions of transactions.

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