Camarilla indicator forex terbaik

Camarilla Equation is known among forex traders as Camarilla pivot points. Camarilla pivots are used for intra-day trading, it is a camarilla indicator forex terbaik for Forex scalpers and short term traders alike. WHAT GMT DO I USE IF I’M IN MALAYSIA?

AND HOW DO I SET IT? GMT we ve got about 9 to 10 hours of difference . Japan is as you know faster than US in terms of time . How can we decide and trade ” Which position to BUY and which Position to SELL and which position TP ” with this Camarilla indicator ? Can anyone help about this ? I am from Sri Lanka and im using Hot Forext as my broker and can i have help for ” shift for GMT and GMTSUN ?

I appreciate your work on this indicator. I put this indicator on the daily charts, it gave me the correct levels. But as soon as i chnaged the time frame to the lower i. M5, M15 etcfor trading purpose, the levels are also changing according to the timeframe.

  • 22.06.2018
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