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16 billion, Bruce Kovner is one of the world’s most powerful hedge fund moguls. Born in Brooklyn he didn’t show any inclination for bruce kovner forex peace world of high finance as a kid. Read on to know more about Bruce Kovner, the best forex trader.

3,000 he wagered on soybean futures as he failed to hedge his bets. Later, he went to hone his trading skills under Michael Marcus at Commodities Corp. He bases his currency and futures trading judgments after analyzing the worldwide political and economic events carefully. He has spent tremendous amount of time following and studying the economies of many different countries. Going through the forex reports daily, which include Prechter, Zweig, Ned Davies, and Eliades, he tries to analyze everything into a single picture.

Bruce Kovner likes to know when a lot of traders are going to be wrong. He believes in holding his position with conviction, staying rational and disciplined under pressure. His staff is instructed to call him 24-hours for any piece of major news. Usually going with breakouts, he likes to wait till the news is out and sees how the market “votes”. He shows stern interest in the correlation of all his positions, placing a stops at where, if reached, will reasonably indicate that the trade is wrong. Measuring the total risk in the market every day, he has a predetermined stop whenever he enters a position.

The reason why Bruce Kovner is in this business and is today one of the best forex traders is his extraordinary fascination with the analysis of political and economic events worldwide. His first advice to all traders is to not to get caught in a situation where one can lose a great deal of money for reasons you don’t understand. He learnt from Marcus that learning from your mistakes in this business is your best guide. A trader has to be willing to make mistakes regularly. Besides forex, his other passion is music. Bruce Kovner is one of the worlds greatest traders of all time and in this article, we will look at his trading techniques and some great tips for profit, from some of his best quotes. Bruce Kovner went to Harvard univeristy in 1966 but left the Kennedy School before he finished his Ph.

D and decided to become a commodity trader. 45,000 in six weeks but lost just under half of it. I had a huge gain but lost half before getting out? I lost half the profit in an hour.

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