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I am a American who retired from his job in Boston and moved to Penang, Malaysia blog forex di malaysia live. Regarding health insurance I have local Malaysian health and hospital insurance, which suits all of my needs. Most of the expats I know here have local insurance instead of paying extremely high fees for international health insurance policies.

Healthcare in Malaysia is excellent and a fraction of the cost back home. Most expats here believe that the high costs of international policies are overkill because they are based on US payouts and costs. Once I took care of the banking and healthcare issues I was ready to move. I sold my house, transferred the money to my Penang account and left for Malaysia on the 4th of July. I bought a condo and a new car and was all set to start my retirement life in Malaysia. By the way unless you buy a locally produced car, be prepared to pay 3 times as much for a safer foreign made car, such as Toyota or Ford. I have now been here almost 5 years and I guess I have almost gotten used to living here.

I find the people here to be extremely friendly and helpful. I do not hang around the expat community, as I prefer the company of local friends. Unfortunately there are many expats I know who do not choose to mix with the locals or take part in the local culture. There are many expat groups, as well as communities, for people who wish the company of fellow expats.

I personally believe that if you choose to live abroad you should be involved in the community you have chosen to live in. Continue reading this post: previous page. Check out other similar posts in the Retirement locations category. I am a single woman 55 years old trying to live off of my Social Security each month.

USD a month and be comfortable ? Linda, if you don’t live a lavish lifestyle you could live fairly comfortable. US citizen looking to live in Malaysia,what is the tax situation and medicare ? As I told you in the article I receive only social security, a monthly annuity payment and a pension. I do not pay much money in taxes.

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