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This allows us to conclude that the binary option atman of XX-correlation and GCC were also known to Maya and reflected, principally, in the same symbols. Besides, one more composite symbol is considered which unites the basic concepts of Evolution which is widely used our days, but, nevertheless, has caused a lot of acute discussions.

As a consequence of the established correspondence between the New and Old World cosmological symbols and concepts and existence of intra-American esoteric Tradition we put forward the suggestion that the origin of this symbol lies not in weaving patterns, but in the Tradition being maintained by the Mesoamerican Initiates and, for this reason, the symbol GB was known to Maya Initiates as well. Page 3 of the site ASTROTHEOS. If the Old World cosmogonies are described more or less thoroughly, at least on the exoteric level, a significant part of Maya concepts and artefacts remains unclear or causes intensive discussions. The basic cause of this lies in the systematic destruction of Maya culture in the preceding centuries. The more so that the neighbouring cultures have much in common relative to these artefacts and concepts. Nevertheless, while considering the artefacts which, at present, are attributed to other cultures we specify their origin explicitly. A scientific approach to study of Maya artefacts.

However, its conclusions rest on and are bounded by the interpretations of artefacts on the ground of the scientific concepts pertaining to the respective epoch. Thus, I still remember how the manuals of history for schools and universities in the Soviet Union were changed, as well as the respective displays at the museums, almost each 5 years, after the course of the Communist party was corrected at the current Congress. And the same philosophers, who reviled cybernetics and genetics in the 50-ies, were sitting later, in the 60-ies, in the entrance and Ph. However, this pitiful situation is not the propriety of the former USSR and its heirs. By returning to the goal of our study we feel it necessary to give one more, but very important example of use of double standards in archeology and anthroposophy.

Most Egyptologists believe, and this is reflected in Books, Discovery Channel films, the tourist guides, etc. On the other hand, there exists the Ancient Knowledge which provides us with a much wider and coordinated system of concepts pertaining to the evolution of the Universe which can be used for both numerical and semantic analysis of artefacts. However, in the ancient cosmogonies these systems of interrelated concepts pertaining to astronomy, geography and other branches of knowledge were given in a veiled or even such a distorted presentation that it was almost impossible to understand the origin of their symbolism. This mean, in particular, that these symbols and concepts were masked and simplified, and almost always it was forbidden to discuss their meaning. In her works it is explicitly stated that Theosophy does not require an implicit belief, but invites us to adopt its concepts through proofs and verification. 7-planes of existence surrounding the physical plane which is considered in modern science as the only plane of existence.

But if we agree that they present the coded messages, this approach leads to nowhere. At the same time, the Theosophic approach does not reject logical analysis, but suggests considering these artefacts on the ground of the revealed world-wide concepts and symbols. And for Maya heritage, from our viewpoint, the solution to the problem of decoding of esoteric Myths and symbols lies in correlative analysis of theirartefacts against the well-developed esoteric theory. By keeping in mind the blank spots in our knowledge of actual Maya Cosmogony , we are forced to make suggestions as to their Cosmogony and its symbology. Universal Cosmogony, the basic elements of which are described in The Secret Doctrine.

Secret Doctrine, there is a key for every mystery, and it must be turned seven times. What Does Hunab Ku Stand For? Universal Consciousness and prime organizer of our Galaxy . In some way Hunab Ku is associated with the stars, planets and solar systems, as well as with the Milky Way as a whole. Hunab Ku should be referred to the Galactic level.