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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. A giant article in The Atlantic compiles every imaginable cliche about why Baltimore being the barry dilbert bitcoin news it is is Your Fault. It took me several tries to force myself to fold my arms with my right arm on top.

But there’s good news on the horizon for impatient California election watchers. From the Washington Post opinion section: “Seen in this indisputably true context, it seems logical to hate men” — Take that, Aristotle, Boole, and Frege! Your male logic is, like, over. From The New Yorker: Liverpool F.

Mohamed Salah, an Arab Muslim Sports Star Subtly Confronting Racism and Islamophobia By Yasmine Al-Sayyad May 25, 2018 In February, boisterous supporters of the English soccer team Liverpool F. With the Canadian Prime Minister’s socially constructed eyebrows in the news, it’s time to look back on this report from last July. Here’s an amusing NYT article: We are Shocked, SHOCKED to learn that Kris Kobach, the GOP’s top legal expert on immigration law, expressed an opinion on putting a citizenship query in the Census: The NYT accuses Kobach, a Kansas elected official, of engaging in the high crime of “political lobbying. It’s hard to keep track of the supporting arguments these days, yet the overall policy proposal is always the same. From Vox: Study: telling white people they’ll be outnumbered makes them hate welfare more White racism keeps hurting programs that help the poor.

Jun 7, 2018, White people become significantly less likely to support welfare programs when told that black people might benefit from them. Instead of just funding more Starbucks-style Diversity Sensitivity Training, we need legislation making it illegal for whites to call the cops on blacks. Let’s dream of a future for our grandchildren like this: We could call it The Above-the-Law Law. Americans are told that soccer is all about cosmopolitanism. From the Washington Post: Martinez is a Mexico-born Conquistador-American opinion journalist.

From the New York Times: A Girl’s Killing Shakes Germany’s Migration Debate The body of a 14-year-old girl was found buried by rail tracks near Wiesbaden in southwestern Germany. From The Tablet: I don’t actually pay attention to Spy vs. Spy stuff, so don’t ask me if this article makes any sense. But it has always been obvious that with Washington DC as the de facto Imperial Capital of the World, all sorts of different governments will attempt to win influence there. As we all know, in America we need more immigrants to bring us vibrant restaurant cuisine. In France, where they have pretty good restaurants, they need immigrants to win the World Cup.

Steve commenter Doug offers a novel political strategy suggestion: What’s the political effect of more marijuana smoking? From the New York Times: I’m trying to figure out how much more optimistic Pinker would be and pessimistic Taleb would be if they switched exercise routines. You can motivate Californians to turn out to vote in large numbers in a Presidential election against the hated New Yawker they’ve been sick of seeing on TV since 1986, but can you get them to turn out in a complicated Off-Year Primary? From the New York Times: Ms.

Carlson launched her fabulous career on TV by winning the Miss America contest in a swimsuit back in the 1980s. That was fine back then, but Ms. From Sky News: The Ocean’s 8 marketing staff really deserves kudos for going above and beyond the call of duty to make this promotional tie-in happen. What’s a Better Term Than “Social Justice Warrior? I sometimes use Social Justice Jihadi.

From the New York Times: Pitting minority against minority is just wrong. In contrast, pitting all minorities against whites is The Arc of the Moral Universe Bending Toward Justice. If they can afford “years of test prep” are they really that poor? Various states have been having elections.

I am a big fan of Jewish self-awareness, but it’s in increasingly short supply in recent years. Here’s an interview with a Jewish professor of history, Marc Dollinger, who points out some fairly obvious truths that have gotten lost in all the retconning. I’ve remarked in the past on how nobody is much concerned against major league baseball’s bigotry against left-handed catchers, even though there is no agreed upon rationalization for why no lefthander has caught in the big leagues since the 1980s. High-end golf has kind of given up on the Tiger Woods Era dream of diversity and the mass market, and is turning into a sort of WASP ethnic pride parade. From MSN: Uh, how long has Trump been President, Rahm? Haven’t Quite Thought This Through, Have You?