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Introduction In spite of the increasing demand for working knowledge of English in various fields of Indonesian society, the present English teaching situation in Indonesia such as in junior and senior high schools as well as in higher education still cannot meet the expectation of society at large. Of course there are a few enthusiastic teachers who are struggling to help their students achieve a harmonious development and mastery of the four language skills in English. In this paper the writer would like to put forward apakah forex bisa dijadikan mata pencaharian nonpertanian ideas to be reconsidered in order to improve classroom instruction so that the English education program can somehow be improved and gives way to the invention of new methods and techniques of teaching English as a foreign language in Indonesia.

The strong version advances the claim that ‘language is acquired through communication’ i. The weak version stresses the importance of providing learners with opportunities to use language for communicative purposes, i. Reading A child learning his language to communicate, can speak the language before he writes it. Therefore, it is assumed that language primarily spoken . Based on this assumption it is taken for granted that learning a second or a foreign language is to speak it, and that speaking should come before reading. His French was so perfect that it was quite impossible for any one to detect the usual Italian accents.

I used to count him as a remarkable and almost solitary instance of a man speaking two languages in their perfection, but I learned since then that his French had displaced his Italian so completely that he was wuite unable to speak Italian correctly and made use of Frenceh invariable when in Italy. From the above story we see that reading and writing are very important and they can be used to learn the language and to maintain the mastery of the language we have learned. Therefore reading and writing should be maintained in the teaching and learning process because reading and writing maintain the language we have learned. I think, however, that asking a student to read aloud is to find out whether he can vocalize the contents of the reading materials to the degree that the rest of the class can comprehend him without looking at the printed pages. Reading aloud with good sense groups and breath groups can show if the reader understands what he is reading. In this sense, oral reading may well be called a communication skill.

In this way it is a teaching and learning strategy. They regard it as similar to concept formation. Weaver asserts that “such views reflect the idea that rote learning is more complex than previously thought. Individualized Foreign Language Learning: An Organic Process. Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching.

What do we want to achieve in foreign language teaching and how do we achieve what we want? These questions should always be considered when teaching a foreign language. Why do people learn a foreign language in the first place and what do they do with it? Indeed, the reasons for wanting to learn a foreign language can vary and we should always keep the learners’ needs in mind. In other words, communication takes place. If we have determined that language is, above all, a means of communication, then why do we often put so much emphasis on structure or on only one skill at a time.

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